A flu shot designed specifically
for adults 65 and older.1

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Ask your doctor or pharmacist for FLUAD
FLUAD is different from other flu shots.

It contains an
immune-enhancing ingredient
that can help provide a
strong immune response
to the flu.1

Strong clinical heritage, with more than 87 million doses distributed since 1997 and licensure in 39 countries.2-4
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As you age, your body changes and your immune system may change as well.

As you get older, your immune system may weaken – which means your immune response after getting a traditional flu vaccine may not be as high as it used to be.2,5

FLUAD was designed specifically
for adults 65 and older
and provides a
strong immune response
to help protect against the flu.1
The flu impacts adults 65 and older far more than any other age group.6

Each flu season in the US, adults 65 and older account for7:

About Three-Quarters of

More than half of

FLUAD is covered by most health care plans.
Get FLUAD without a copay or coinsurance.8,9,a
a Check with your insurance company prior to visiting your doctor or pharmacist to be sure your flu shot will be covered and that no copay or coinsurance is required.
Isn’t it time you consider a flu shot designed specifically for adults 65 and older?
Ask your doctor or pharmacist for FLUAD.
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